Deprecate your YAML skills

The GitHub Action that automates your discovery

Beth Fuller
Beth Fuller
Oct 6, 2023
Context in Action
Deprecate your YAML skills

We have the most amazing epic on our roadmap. Deprecate YAML. Yeah, it feels like a lofty goal but it really shouldn’t be. As we’ve been growing the product and slowly automating how we do discovery, we are slowly but surely getting closer to that goal. 

Case in point, our GitHub Actions release. We now have a GitHub Action that will generate your context YAML. What does that mean? Well, it captures the latest updates based on your release and updates OpenContext. In addition, it makes the data lineage and code connections automatically. This reduces the need for you to map your code connections. 

Yeah yeah yeah, so what? Well hear me out, what this means is those archeological digs your Principal needs to do in order to understand a specific layer of your technical stack because it’s so complex no one REALLY knows how it all works together. You know, the one that takes weeks and weeks and weeks of time to map, diagram, and document, and it gets out of sync the minute someone does anything? We will eliminate the need to do those projects.

It also helps those cases when you are working on finding the actual subject matter experts for that planned migration, that next release, that incident, that outage, that vulnerability that’s so pervasive you have the entire engineering department on call through the weekend. AppSec this one is for you.

Think of it as moving through this visual from Dylan Ratcliffe of Overmind.

OpenContext is working to be the product you can plug in a few tokens, and it just works. Think of it as the arcade of context.  Although “prepare to qualify” will mean a lot less toil on your part. We are part of a growing list of Next Wave of DevOps companies that have released GitHub Action functionality. 

You can also check out some of the next wave companies GitHub Actions:

With that, I’m pleased to announce our first GitHub Action has been added to the Marketplace. The second will allow you to create an SBOM artifact. We think it's going to be epic! So look out for that in the coming weeks.

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