OpenContext Offers a Developer Portal Solution for Both the Cloud AND On-Prem

On the hunt for a developer portal solution you can deploy on-premise? Look no further!

Brian Walter
Brian Walter
Mar 20, 2023
Context in Action
OpenContext Offers a Developer Portal Solution for Both the Cloud AND On-Prem

While enterprises and other organizations with strict security requirements are becoming more open to the idea of the cloud, on-premise solutions are still here to stay in a solid way.  

OpenContext is a cloud-native application built as a SaaS service for our customers, but, increasingly, we've seen customers that recognize the need to run this platform either in their own data center or in their environment. So, we listened to our customers and decided to offer an on-prem version. 

Thankfully, the principles that lead to a good, strong cloud-native application also allow us to package this up for a customer to deploy into their own environment in a manageable way.

Meeting the Needs of a Wide Range of Tech Stacks

We find that our customers have a wide range of different tech stacks in their company and some of them are fully cloud native, some of them are the complete other end of the spectrum. 

Since we knew we could bring all of the capability of our SaaS service into an on-prem, in-house managed model, the decision was simple. 

At the end of the day, we're a stack judgment free company. If you want to run this in your environment, we're going to help you do it.

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