We have WHAT in our code? Opservations with OpenContext Volume 1

Avoid extended outages so you can dust off your skeeball skills.

We have WHAT in our code? Opservations with OpenContext Volume 1

Welcome to Opservations! This is OpenContext’s outlet for expressing our insights about—and having a little fun with—the many ops-related idiosyncrasies of all things tech. With decades of collective history throughout our team of tech veterans from different backgrounds, we’ve got a lot of material. And as we build and continue to build and iterate on the OpenContext product, we keep hearing more and more real life stories and quotes from the trenches. 

These are those stories. Dun. Dun…

So, has this ever happened to you?

Don't answer that. We know it has. It's happened to everyone.

At a certain point in growth and complexity of a SDLC or Product Lifecycle, the information bends in on itself in ways that make following a thread a painful, tedious, and long process. 

While eight days is a pretty bad case of it, it isn’t exactly an exaggeration either. But as each painstaking day of searching goes on, the thought of “there’s got to be a better way” undoubtedly crosses everyones’ minds. Especially when it’s something that should be easily fixed or prevented (in a perfect world) in the first place.

But you don’t need a perfect world. 

You just need a context-driven work environment which is exactly what we’re doing with our context engine. We’re mapping code paths to the actual people behind the code to provide you with the context you need.

With OpenContext, you can catch an inactive code path that, all of a sudden, became active. Then you can find the owner.

So, if there's a bug or an outage,  you can identify the owner, getting you back to your Voltron or Bernadette in less than 8 seconds vs 8 days.

If that sounds pretty neat to you, drop us a line and sign up for a demo to see what we’re working on.

- Your friendly neighborhood OpenContext team

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