OpenContext Turns One!

A note from our co-founder and CEO on OpenContext's 1 year anniversary.

OpenContext Turns One!

One year ago today we started OpenContext—can you believe it?!

I wanted to share a quick thank you to everyone for an amazing year. So many incredible accomplishments have happened in a short amount of time and it wouldn't be remotely possible without the unbelievable team we've built together.

In this time, we've built a product vision, started a company, raised capital, built a team, developed and launched a product, and introduced our vision for a better way of working to dozens of companies.

Building a startup is incredibly hard work, and everyone here has invested a huge part of themselves into this company. Through those challenges, we've found energy, excitement, and joy in building something that's truly changing the way companies work. So much accomplished in such a short time, I couldn't be happier right now.

It’s truly impossible to thank everyone who’s been involved so far but a major thanks goes to EPIC Ventures and an incredible group of angels who believe in us and our mission that has helped make this possible. To a steadfast team of mentors and advisors who’ve walked this path before, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.To my co-founders, Beth Fuller and Alice Chen, and to the team we’ve built together, you’re second to none.

Cheers to our first year! And here’s to many more!

Curious about what makes the OpenContext founders and initial team so special? Hear from each of us as we answer What Does Context Mean? (According to the OpenContext Team) along with other questions too!

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