Wrapping up 2023

From guardrails to marketplace additions. 2023 was a busy year.

Beth Fuller
Beth Fuller
Dec 20, 2023
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Wrapping up 2023

While it’s not a Spotify playlist, I wanted to share some of the OpenContext highlights from 2023. It’s been a busy year at OpenContext. Our small but mighty team has grown the product, built out data lineage for the masses, and officially launched our GitHub Actions in the GitHub Marketplace. 

Beyond what we’ve built, the team has been busy growing, learning, and contributing with some pretty amazing groups. From OpenContext being named as a company to watch in 2024 by Inc Magazine, Brian’s appearance on the Absolute AppSec podcast, Alice’s participation in an invite-only Generative AI hackathon, to attending some amazing conferences this year. 

Some of this year’s story highlights:

  • At SRECon, talks and hallway conversations showed us that socio-technical problems are right at the heart of current DevOps industry needs.
  • Collaborating with other next wave DevOps companies demonstrated that there’s alignment around the need for guardrails.

I’m super excited about the Next Wave of DevOps crew! You’ll see some themes around what these companies are focused on and what we’re talking about too. OpenContext connected with three areas:

  • Best practices for the overworked
  • The challenges around building and maintaining complex code in a remote world
  • Trends we are seeing from other amazing founders in the space

State of the Stack

Over the last year, we’ve been talking about the problems folks face in our space from outages to migrations and everything in between.


We showed the importance of guardrails through our Director of Engineering’s series on Better than Best Practices and how to map your system. We walked you through how to get out of fire-fighting mode without the heavy lifting. 

Industry Trends

Finally, we talked about the trends in the space, from our Next Wave series to Generative AI and the ever-present theme of the year: how to do more with less.

We’re looking ahead to 2024 when we plan to launch a webinar series or two on the above topics. Beyond that, we look forward to listening to the challenges you are having and learning how we can make you life easier. While we can’t make the hard parts go away, we can make them more approachable. 

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