Alice Chen

Alice Chen

CTO & Co-Founder at OpenContext

CICD Evangelist | Architect | Automation Engineer 

Alice loves all things automation and has spent most of her career automating various processes and systems. She is also skilled in source control management, continuous integration and continuous delivery, multi-cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, build and release engineering, database technologies, Unix systems administration, and partner interfacing.

Since co-founding OpenContext in 2021, Alice has focused on leveraging graph database capabilities to bring unknown opportunities for collaboration through shared context to light.

In past DevOps and Solutions Architecture roles at HP, Informatica, and Armory, Alice proved herself to be a true super connecter. This drive to pull pieces together to design and build solutions that solve real-world problems has served as a major inspiration for what we know as OpenContext and will see as the organization grows.

While at HP, Alice became an Apache Committer and was part of the Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC) that led the effort for transferring the HP project Trafodion to the Apache Software Foundation.

Alice holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.