Beth Fuller

Beth Fuller

Co-founder & Head Spark at OpenContext

Beth’s superpower is bringing order from chaos to deliver products that solve real problems. She has a deep love for everything in the Ops, DevOps, and Security spaces and the lovely, creative, “expert MacGyver” people on these teams and in tech. She is a listener by nature and enjoys the process of hearing what people are saying and really understanding the pain points to create a plan that goes beyond solving for symptoms to get to the root issue.

As OpenContext’s Head Spark, Beth brings curiosity and inspiration to the product lifecycle. Since starting OpenContext in 2021, Beth has focused on driving the vision for how we define context and building a team environment where contributors feel okay to be creative and riff off each other.  

In past product roles at Puppet and HashiCorp, Beth found a love of startup culture and an ability to balance being technical while also primarily concentrating on the customer. A defining moment during Beth’s time at Puppet was co-organizing a series of internal events with talks about various parts of the product which initiated cross-team context sharing and propelled team collaboration. This example has served as a jumping-off point for what Beth wants to see happen organically at organizations that use OpenContext.

Beth has a B.S. degree in Business Administration; Human Resource Management and General Management from Portland State University. She’s been a certified Agile Scrum Master and Product Owner since 2008 and holds a Pragmatic Product Manager certification.